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PlayStation Plus: 11 games leaving the offer in April

PlayStation Plus: 11 games leaving the offer in April

Beyond the many new additions to PlayStation Plus, it's also important to face the other reality: a number of titles are leaving Sony's gaming subscription once again. In April, there will be 11 titles – here you can find out which ones are which.

Sony recently introduced several new additions to its more expensive PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium tiers — that is, an in-house gaming subscription that competes with Xbox Game Pass. However, in a few weeks, you will have to say goodbye to some games again because Sony's corresponding agreements with third-party developers will then expire. In April 2024, 11 titles will say goodbye to the game subscription, which will probably no longer be available from April 16, although new additions will be added again.

The “Leaving Soon” category now contains titles that will be leaving PlayStation Plus soon. To be clear up front: These are largely smaller indie titles; Perhaps the biggest name to leave is Bandai Namco's fighting game Soul Calibur 6.

The full list of 11 departures in April 2024 is as follows:

  • Bass Master Fishing 2022 (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5)
  • Chicken Police – Paint It Red (PlayStation 4)
  • Serious Golf (PlayStation 4)
  • Everspace (PlayStation 4)
  • Fighting X-Layer (PlayStation 4)
  • Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered (PlayStation 4)
  • Gunvolt Chronicles Luinus Avengers IX (PlayStation 4)
  • Necromunda: Underhive Wars (PlayStation 4)
  • Fishing Reel: Road Trip Adventure (Playstation 4)
  • R-Type Final 2 (PlayStation 4)
  • Soul Calibur 6 (PlayStation 4)

If you still want to play games as part of your existing PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium subscription, you should hurry until mid-April, because from then on it will not be possible to play these games with the subscription. Of the titles mentioned above, you'll have to devote the most time to the sci-fi epic Everspace.

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