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Android 15: Developer Preview 2 released

Android 15: Developer Preview 2 released

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Fixed an issue where the Google Play Store app would repeatedly crash when the user tried to open it. (Issue No. 326337522)

Fixed an issue that caused the package manager to crash when installing APKs from unknown sources even if “Install unknown apps” was enabled in system settings. (Issue No. 325649649)

Fixed an issue that caused the Android System Intelligence app to crash. (Issue No. 325698180)

Fixed an issue where work profile apps would sometimes crash when using the device's fingerprint reader. (Issue No. 326093530)

Other issues have been resolved

Fixed an issue where Android Virtual Device (AVD) with Android 15 system image appears offline if AVD is started and then restarted using adb restart or other methods.

Fixed an issue where Google Play Store would sometimes crash with a blank cursor exception when trying to update apps.

Known bugs:

• When you add a face pattern for face unlock, the umbrella appears shortened or cropped.

• When the application window switches to Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode, the PiP window disappears if the device is rotated before the PiP transition is complete.

• When a locked SIM card is inserted into an unlocked device, the user is not prompted to enter a PIN to unlock the SIM card. To work around this issue, lock and unlock the device manually.

• Apps that rely on runtime-enabled SDKs are uninstalled when the device is restarted. To work around this issue, please reinstall the app after restarting your device.

• The search bar in System Preferences does not respond when you click on it for the first time.

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• The profile picture of secondary users cannot be changed.

• “Google Play Services has stopped” message appears when setting up the device.

• An error page appears when adding an account during device setup.

• Unicode 15.1 APIs: The APIs for Unicode 15.1 are not working in Developer Preview 2, but are expected to be fully functional in Android 15 Beta 1.