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PlayStation: Report: Sony is working on a new portable device

PlayStation: Report: Sony is working on a new portable device

Recently, rumors about new PlayStation hardware have increased exponentially, although they have always revolved around a modified PS5 and PS5 Pro. Now, however, a new PlayStation handheld is joining the rumor mill that you might be able to look forward to.

Mobile gaming was actually dead after the era of the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita at the latest, but the Nintendo Switch and more recently the Steam Deck have made the whole topic socially acceptable again. It appears that Sony is also on the scene, because the PlayStation makers are also said to be working behind the scenes on a portable console.

This is what well-connected and informed insiders say Insider games Now that Sony is working on a new portable console. However, this would not work completely standalone, and thus is not a successor to the later Playstation Vita. Alternatively, the PlayStation 5 will also be used here – via Remote Play.

The device is being developed internally under the codename Project Q-Lite and can be connected to the PS5 via Remote Play. You should then be able to play popular PS5 movies on the device on the go with an internet connection.

If you believe the insider’s report, Project Q-Lite should appear ahead of the PlayStation 5 Pro, which is in talks next year. According to an unnamed source, the device features an 8-inch LCD touchscreen paired with controllers on either side; It is said to support haptic feedback and adaptive triggers – similar to the PS5’s DualSense controllers.

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The device is also said to use 1080p resolution with 60fps. Speakers and headphone connection should also be available. The problem with the whole thing: A constant internet connection will be a basic requirement for the device in order to access the games you have installed on your PS5. It is still not clear how the whole communication process works.

If all the rumors are true and the PS5 Pro is slated for fall 2024, the portable device could even be announced in late 2023 or early 2024. The device is currently undergoing QA, but in the meantime it’s only expected to be released after the revised PS5 is released. (Not: Pro) with a removable drive this year. We’ll keep you posted on further developments!

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