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Spring cleaning for more network security

Spring cleaning for more network security

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ESET offers advice on how to best disassemble and secure their digital devices

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The first plants are sprouting from the ground, the birds are chirping and 60 percent of Germans are using the time for an intense spring cleaning (source: YouGov). A comprehensive organization like this is also useful in the digital world of computers, smartphones, and tablets. Outdated software and operating systems, and unpatched security vulnerabilities are some of the biggest cyber threats. Hackers can exploit even the smallest vulnerabilities. But not only on devices everything should be updated, even on the Internet it is worth cleaning. Unused online accounts should be deleted and security features like two-factor authentication (2FA) activated. ESET shows just how successful digital spring cleaning can be.

“Anyone using a modern security solution is very well protected against most threats such as phishing or malware. But in everyday digital life, users sometimes have to take action themselves, so every device, be it a computer, a smartphone or Tablet or laptop Stay up-to-date. That is, updates for the operating system and installed applications should be installed immediately. This often works very easily with the auto-update function. This should always be active, “says Christian Loj, IT security expert at ESET.

Avoid weaknesses

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recorded about 20,000 security vulnerabilities in 2021. Any vulnerability in an operating system or software could allow hackers to compromise a computer system. It is crucial as a user to react quickly and install updates from manufacturers right away. This closes known vulnerabilities.

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Data access security

Every Internet user has a large number of accounts for different online services such as email, forums, service providers or social media. Once a year it is advisable to evaluate and consider whether all accesses are still required. Data theft is very popular with hackers and more information about the user is often hidden behind access data, which is then misused for identity theft. It is also advised to secure all accounts with two-factor authentication. In addition to the username and password, there is another factor, such as a one-time code via SMS or app, fingerprint or facial recognition.

Tips for a successful spring cleaning

  • Always keep your operating system or apps up to date: Digital facilities such as smartphones, tablets, laptops or computers should always be up to date and provided with updates regularly. If possible, users should always activate the auto-update function.
  • Password manager and 2FA: Changing passwords regularly does not necessarily improve security. Using a password manager, as in ESET Smart Security Premium, protects passwords and personal data. If possible, two-factor authentication should be activated. In addition to the username and password, there is another factor here, such as a one-time code via SMS or application, fingerprint or facial recognition.
  • Use the security solution: A robust security solution comes as standard on PC, Mac, and Android devices. This should provide comprehensive protection against malware, spam, and phishing and make everyday digital life easier with useful functions like parental controls, password managers, data encryption, and anti-theft protection.

There are more tips for a successful spring cleaning on WeLiveSecurity:

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