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Prime Minister Igor Madovich is the latest in a series of retired Slovak ministers in the wake of the ongoing vaccination crisis.

By the time he announced his resignation on Sunday night, five other government members had already resigned.

Igor Madovic was asked to resign after he went to Russia to buy vaccines with his own hands.

Photo: Joe Klmer / AFP

Forced to go

Slovakian President Susannah Sabotov called for Madovic ‘resignation last Tuesday, when the country’s justice minister announced his resignation.

– It is necessary for the Prime Minister to resign so that an agreement can be reached to re-form the coalition government. Jusana Sabutov told a news conference that no individual is more important than the interests of the country and its citizens.

Last week, Slovakia lost its Minister of Health, Minister of Labor, Minister of Justice and Minister of Economy.

The first five departures are an attempt to force the resignation of the Prime Minister.

Madovic has led the country for only one year, and he was elected in one Promised to clean up corruption in Slovakia.

Slovak ministers announce their resignation more than President Susannah Kapudova

Last week, Slovakia lost its Minister of Health, Labor, Justice and Finance.

Photo: Martin Bowman / A.P.


The government crisis erupted in early March. Madovic flew to Kozulin airport in the east of the country to receive the Russian Sputnik vaccine.

“I want to thank Russia for the right approach,” he told reporters at the airport.

– I hope Russia will be a constant partner in these difficult times.

This Russian-made vaccine is not yet approved by the European Union. Approval process of Sputnik vaccine Is ongoing at the European Pharmaceuticals Institute (EMA).

The vaccine is not approved by the Slovak government.

Government crisis in Slovakia

Six ministers in the Slovak government have resigned after Russia bought the vaccine.

Photo: Marquisa TV

Played on his own

The government has four parties. When Prime Minister Madovic signed an agreement with Russia, he did so without the rest of the government. Ministers from smaller government parties disagreed on whether to buy the vaccine “for the people” or “for freedom and unity.” The purchase goes against EU agreement on joint purchase of vaccines.

Belgium EU Summit

The European Union has not yet approved the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. It is subject to EMA approval.

Photo: Oliver Mathis / A.P.

Slovakia is the second country to violate the EU vaccine purchase agreement. In January, Hungary became the first EU country to approve a Russian vaccine.

Hungary has already purchased 2 million doses of Spotnik V.

At the same time as Slovakia acquired its dosage, the Czech Republic also expressed interest in the Russian vaccine.

From Austria, President Sebastian Kurz reportedly held telephone conversations with Vladimir Putin over the direct purchase of a Russian – made vaccine.

Slovak Prime Minister and Minister of Health Marek Kraj Airport, Slovakia

The Sputnik V vaccine is awaiting approval in Slovakia.

Photo: Frandisek Ivan / A.P.

Beat hard

Sputnik V is not recognized in Slovakia and the country’s drug regulation (ŠÚKL). Thus, vaccine distribution has not yet begun.

The country has been hit hard by the epidemic, and so far 9,500 Slovaks have died from the corona virus. There are infection rates this winter In the highest places of the world.

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