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The 400-meter-long container ship is one of the largest in the world, having been crossing the Suez Canal for almost a week, blocking one of the most important routes for world shipping. More than 300 ships carrying everything from oil to livestock are waiting to pass. Many ships are owned by Norway.

A company called Inzcap Shipping ensures the ship runs fast. Images posted on social media show the ship floating. Digital maps also show that shipping has changed.

A news agency at the scene told AFP that the ship’s wreckage had moved off the west bank of the canal. Weaselfinder and MyShipTracking websites also show this.

– Very, very happy

Harold Fotland is an operating director at the Norwegian shipping company Otfjell. They have 3 ships that are now waiting to sail through the canal. Fotland says he is “very, very happy” now

Harold Fotland, Executive Director of the Norwegian shipping company Otfjell.

Photo: Otfjel

– We follow the situation from minute to minute. We have received the good news that the ship has been partially repaired, so we will head towards Suez at full speed.

He explains that the Suez Canal is very important for shipping companies because the diversion around Africa takes an extra two to three weeks, depending on where you are going. Such a voyage would cost several million dollars extra per ship.

– It means that the headache we have had for the last few days has suddenly disappeared.

More than 300 ships carrying everything from oil to livestock are waiting to pass. Many ships are owned by Norway. However, the team must continue to be patient.

– Fotland says it may take three to four to five days for our agents to clear the queue.

Suez Channels

Images of rescue operations have been circulating around the world in recent days.


Disposed containers

Norway-owned Let Agencies, another shipping company, said rescue crews had “partially” re-floated the container ship.

Initially, the 400-meter-long ship had 18,300 containers. On Sunday night, the Suez Canal Authority (SCA), the operating operator of the Suez Canal, announced that work had begun to remove the containers to reduce the ship’s weight.

The news came that parts of the ship had sunk while ten duckboats were working to move the ship simultaneously as there was a moonlight and spring wave.

The ship’s engines have been restarted, according to news agency Reuters. The ship will now be moved to an area where the canal is wide for further investigation.

The ship was like this on Sunday

The ship has been like this for the last six days.

Photo: Planet Labs Inc. / AB

Can open at 11am

The head of the Egyptian Channel Commission is expected to reopen the paragraphs to Channel 11 on Monday morning, CNBC Arabia said via Twitter.

About 50 ships cross the canal daily. Commodity accounts for 10 percent of world trade.

Whoever blocked the Given Canal would cost shipping companies $ 9 billion a day. This also led to a rise in oil prices.

CNBC Arabia reports via Twitter that the head of the channel’s maritime authorities has announced that the channel will reopen at 11 a.m. today.

Osama Rabe, head of Egypt’s canal administration, said on Saturday that wind and weather did not play a key role in the ship’s ground support. It could have been a technical or human failure, which Rabe said was the biggest shipwreck.

Track-Cork in Suez

About 50 ships usually pass through the canal daily. Now they always have to wait to be given.

Photo: Thompson Reuters

Always loosen a given area

The container ship Ever Given has been blocking traffic on the Suez Canal since Wednesday.

Photo: Screenshot:

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