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Poaching Claim: A fisherman justified himself – Austria –

After the start of criminal investigations in Romania on suspicion of bear hunting and illegal use of weapons, the person in question described his point of view on Friday. He was a “problem animal” that entered the settlements and was classified by the Roman authorities as dangerous and released for shooting. He legally obtained and exercised permission to prosecute from the responsible authorities.

The “problem animal” was killed by him, accompanied by local hunting guides, 250 meters from the village homes. However, it is not about the 17-year-old “Arthur” bear mentioned in the media, who appears to be very popular in Romania. The matter is documented. The lord of the castle in Styria said that he offered his full support to the responsible authorities, which launched an investigation based on media reports. And he welcomed the publication of the results of this study, in a radio statement.

“I feel very sorry and apologize for the fact that the impression was formed that made many people feel hurt in their feelings. Hunting as a way to nurture a rich group of species and secure their livelihoods has a long tradition for our family. In this case, the castle master also said that it works to avoid danger.” It supports an objective discussion of important nature and animal protection issues as it helps preserve hunting traditions. But he also spoke of the “false and inflammatory reports” now being used against his family which are very unfortunate. This does not help people, nor does animal welfare.

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The master of Styria in the castle also indicated that Romania has the largest population of bears in Europe with more than 8,000 animals. As far as he knows, the fees paid for hunting will be invested mainly in conservation programs for bears and the people who live with them.

Hundreds of Romanians expressed anger in the wake of the alleged shooting of the brown bear “Arthur” and downgraded Castle Styria by Google. The popular destination suddenly received many 1-star reviews.