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England classifies the Indian alternative as "of concern"

England classifies the Indian alternative as “of concern”

After the incidence of infection with the Indian virus variant increased B 1.617 In Great Britain, the British Health Authority has classified a variable that was first identified in India as a “variable of concern”.

As Public Health England announced Friday, there is evidence that this variant is “transferable at least as the Kent (B.1.1.7) variant”, i.e. the British variant is also prevalent in Austria.

However, the agency has also given all clarity that there is currently no evidence that any of the variants recently discovered in India could cause the disease to become more severe or that the vaccines currently in use are less effective.

520 cases

cases B 1.617 It rose from 202 to 520 in the last week, like guardian mentioned. Almost half of the cases have a travel background: the patients either traveled by themselves or had contact with travelers.

Cases are spread across the country, but most cases involve two regions: Northwest England (mostly Bolton) and London – this is where the biggest transmission occurs.

Lab tests are being done to better understand the effects of mutations on the behavior of the virus, according to Public Health England.

The Indian substitute was only confirmed in Salzburg on Thursday.

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