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Pokémon Crimson / Crimson may replace old bikes with new Pokémon

Pokémon Crimson / Crimson may replace old bikes with new Pokémon

Pokémon are used by NPCs as a replacement for a bike.

In the new trailer for Pokémon Crimson & Crimson, we learn about competitive combat. Above all, the Terra crystallization, which is specific to the game’s ninth generation, is brought to the fore here.

But the trailer shows initially interesting Pokemon that have similarities to The Legendaries Croydon and Meridon we take. As it is, it could replace the previously known bike.

Mopex carried us through Paldea

Like the official website too Pokemon Crimson and Crimson Reveals that the new Pokemon Mobucks. It has a collar-like body part on its neck, similar to the legendary Pokémon, and its tail is also collar-shaped.

What is MOBEX? It belongs to the “Ride Pokémon” category, which indicates that we can use it as a medium. The Pokémon description also states that this Pokémon often “carries people on its back”. Its speed can reach 120 km/h while driving people.

Mopex in appearance is similar to the legendary Pokemon.

Mopex in appearance is similar to the legendary Pokemon.

what does that mean? Pokémon will probably replace the previously known bike and bridge the time until we reach one of the legendary Pokémon in the game. This may indicate that the legendary Pokémon is not fully available to us at the beginning of the game, but it can only be discovered after a little while.

On the other hand, it can be a pokemon that our game character cannot use. The trailer doesn’t show us riding a pokemon. We might just see Other characterswho ride in the area. So we still have to wait for the drive to get to the Legendary Pokémon.

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You can find the trailer for Pokémon Crimson & Crimson here:

The trailer for Pokemon Crimson shows the competitive battle in the game


The Pokémon Crimson trailer features competitive in-game combat

More Pokémon Crimson / Crimson items at a glance:

Another theory could be that Mopex is Introduction to Corydon and Meridon Actions. The resemblance to the Pokémon is astounding thanks to the appearance of the hoop. However, according to the description, Mopex is a very widespread Pokemon, which would argue against this theory due to the rarity of the Legendary Pokemon.

What do you think: What’s behind the mysterious Pokémon?