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PS Plus June 2023: Essential games coming to PS4 / PS5

PS Plus June 2023: Essential games coming to PS4 / PS5

On this day, the PS Plus games for June 2023 will be revealed.

Since the beginning of last week, you can download new bonus games for PS Plus Plus and Premium subscription levels with the appropriate subscription. If you only own Essential, you won’t have to wait long for new game fodder either: the lineup is due to be announced June 2023. In ten days it’s time.

When will PlayStation Plus Essential games be revealed in June 2023?

  • The expected date: On Wednesday, May 31, 2023*
  • the expected time: 5:30 PM (German time)**
  • When are the games available? Tuesday it June 6th 2023 (between 12 and 1 pm German time)

How did this date come about? PlayStation Plus games are released on the first Tuesday of the month by default. The unveiling is always on the Wednesday of the previous week. This makes the May 31 reveal and June 6 unlock on the PlayStation Store for the month.

** 5:30 p.m. is the traditional reveal time. In the past few months, there have always been leaks about new PS Plus games that have materialized. But this month there are no leaks from known sources.

All information with us – As always, will inform you on schedule of new PS Plus games and introduce them to you in detail.

PS Plus June 2023 – Any Leaks Yet?

no not yet. However, there have been frequent leaks in the past via French deal site Dealabs. So it might be a good idea for the June 2023 starting lineup to be revealed again before the official announcement from Sony.

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The first paid PS Plus game in June 2023 Meanwhile it can already be certain:

Don’t have a PlayStation PS Plus subscription? All information about Sony’s paid service can be found in our information center All important information about PS Plus.

In the GamePro overview linked above, we give you all the pricing, pros and cons, and answer your other top questions about the three different models (PlayStation Plus Essential, PlayStation Plus Extra, and PlayStation Plus Premium).

Which PlayStation Plus Essential games are you most looking forward to in June 2023 and why? Write it to us in the comments.