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Poland and the Czech Republic expand border controls with Slovakia

Poland and the Czech Republic expand border controls with Slovakia

Austria’s neighboring country, the Czech Republic, and neighboring Poland are expanding their border controls with Slovakia. The inspections aim to reduce illegal immigration.

Poland and the Czech Republic have expanded their temporary border controls with Slovakia against illegal immigration. “Border control will be extended until December 3,” a regulation issued by the Polish Interior Ministry on Wednesday said. According to Czech Interior Minister Veit Rakosan, the controls are necessary because there is no common EU policy that better protects the EU’s external borders and limits migration.

“If neighboring countries have an interest in maintaining these controls, I can’t imagine us being the only country lifting them,” he said. The Czech Republic will control its border crossings with its southeastern neighbor until January 3.

Migrants come from the Middle East or Afghanistan via Slovakia

Slovakia is a transit country for migrants primarily from the Middle East and Afghanistan. This year, 46,000 people had entered Slovakia illegally by mid-November, six times the number in the same period last year. Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria tightened controls on their borders with Slovakia on October 4. For its part, Slovakia on Monday approved its temporary border controls with Hungary until December 23. In light of the increase in illegal immigration movements, Germany has also imposed border controls with its eastern neighbours. These countries are part of the European Schengen Area with open borders.

According to Rakosan, the interior ministers of Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Slovakia want to meet in Hungary next Monday to discuss the situation. (Abba)

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