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Poland: Three dead children in the basement and allegations of incest

Poland: Three dead children in the basement and allegations of incest

Shocking discovery in Poland: Police found the bodies of three newborn babies in the basement of a neglected single-family home in Pomerania. Yesterday, the Gdańsk Prosecutor’s Office announced that a 20-year-old woman and her 54-year-old father had been arrested.

He is suspected of incest with another daughter

The woman is being investigated for incest and double homicide of newborns, and the man is being investigated for double incest and triple homicide of newborns. He is also said to have had an incestuous relationship with another daughter. According to Polish media reports, one of the children found came from this relationship.

According to media information, father and daughter have lived together as a couple for years. “They walked hand in hand. A few months ago, she shaved her head so that the other boys would not follow her,” a woman from the nearby village told the news portal Fact. A video posted on the news portal shows that the family was apparently living in a neglected, semi-dilapidated house.

Co-workers became suspicious

The anonymous witness reported that her co-workers had suspected for some time that the woman was pregnant. She was wearing loose clothes and it seemed like she wanted to hide her stomach. I took three weeks off. When she returned to work a week later, she seemed exhausted but dismissed questions about having a baby. Someone then informed the social welfare office, whose employees contacted the police.

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