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Police rushed to the party

Police were called to an apartment in Colbotton late on February 5 this year.

They have received reports of noise, and they think they are going to use the infection control unit to break up a party.

In the apartment they find five people of foreign descent making noise.

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They find a bag with a large amount of money.

One in five is under the influence of drugs. This, along with the amount of money found in the bag, led police to arrest the five men at the scene.

The Eastern Police District has now launched a major investigation.

– Total recovery is doubtful. John Sky, a police attorney in the East Police District, told TV2 that a bag was found in the same room as all those arrested.

I thought they rushed to the Corona party

As far as TV2 is aware, the police entry into the apartment was completely accidental.

The incident happened at midnight, according to TV2, as the two officers were about to leave because they were aware of the noise in the apartment.

Due to infection control regulations, such messages are now being taken seriously. In other words, they thought they were going to break a corona feast.

The officers were not at all ready to meet them. The five reportedly ate dinner and were loud when police knocked on the door.

In the wallet, it was reported that there were three million Norwegian kroner in the TV 2 rupee notes.

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TV2 has provided information to police prosecutor Ski. For the sake of investigation, he did not wish to comment on the case at this time.

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None of the five are Norwegian citizens, they were known to the police to some extent. One of them is linked to another ongoing case in Germany, another linked to another criminal network.

Three of them are in their 20s and the other two are in their 30s.

– Retrieved from home sale

None of the five in the follow-up district court’s prison warrant pleaded guilty to the charge of healing.

One of them says he was only in the wrong place at the wrong time. Another offered to cooperate with the police because he was innocent in the case.

One of them agrees to deal with the money, but says they originated from home sales. The court still does not believe this.

«It seems that there is no economy that can explain why anyone currently has such a large sum. This seems less likely to explain the amount of money, It says one of the prison sentences.

No one will comment

TV2 is involved with all the defenders in this case.

Attorney Patrick Lundewall-Anger supports the person involved in another ongoing case in Germany. Lundewall-Anger did not want to comment on the case.

Attorney Lars Matthias Untheim said he was a defender and explained he had seen the bag the previous evening.

– But my customer did not know there was money in the bag, says Antheim.

Ann Gunn Edwardson defends someone who volunteered to cooperate with the police because she believes he is innocent in this case. He did not want to comment on the case.

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Other defenders did not respond to our inquiries, or did not want to comment.