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Political Adviser: Cabinet: Energy crisis is "symbolic solidarity"

Political Adviser: Cabinet: Energy crisis is “symbolic solidarity”

With the current energy crisis cabinet, the federal government wanted to show “symbolic solidarity,” political advisor Thomas Hoover said in Newsroom LIVE. They wanted to show that the opposition, the federal states and the social partners were “fully prepared”.

“Of course, because of the events in Ukraine, everything is taking place too late,” said political adviser Thomas Hoover regarding the timing of the cabinet meeting on the energy crisis. You can also discuss what went wrong in the previous period.

symbolic solidarity

But what they wanted to do today was to symbolically show a kind of “convergent rank”. They wanted to show that “the opposition, the federal states and the social partners are on standby”. However, they could have looked at it very differently, says LIVE newsroom political consultant.

“The Famous Drop in the Ocean”

One tries desperately to show that “the wave of relief is now advancing”. Political advisor Thomas Hoover believes that “in this respect it will be short-lived”. Because “whatever the Austrian federal government is, and no matter its makeup, it always turns out to be the famous drop of the ocean,” Hoover says.

Because of the increasing pressure on the federal government, Chancellor Karl Nahammer is trying to “create the feeling that something is going on, and that people are trying to confront it.”

Niemer replacement ‘not in sight’

Regarding the transfer rumors about Chancellor Karl Nhammer (ÖVP), the issue is already that “Nhammer is not doing well, and he needs to be edited”. However, it’s not like “seven people point and say we’d like to take on the job before fall and winter.” There will be some hesitation. Such a person is neither in the ÖVP nor in other parties “only in sight”.

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“I’m not sure if a president who was 100 per cent confirmed just a few weeks ago as Federalist Party leader should be sent back to the desert,” Hoover says. In addition, one cannot assume that the Green Party, as coalition partners, will simply accept a fee. “At some point the stove will be turned off,” the political advisor said.