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GB: House of Representatives passes law on deportations in Rwanda

GB: House of Representatives passes law on deportations in Rwanda

Great Britain's Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has overcome internal party resistance in a dispute over his country's asylum policy. A new law aimed at forcing deportations to Rwanda, East Africa, won the necessary votes in Parliament yesterday. 320 deputies voted in favor of the bill, and 276 deputies opposed it.

The British government wants to deport people who enter the country without necessary papers to Rwanda, regardless of their origin. They should apply for asylum there; There are no plans to return to Great Britain.

The Supreme Court of Great Britain criticized this and described it as unacceptable. The government now wants to declare the East African country, which critics accuse of human rights abuses, as a safe third country under the law. This is intended to prevent judicial review of planned deportations as much as possible.

This was not enough for the right wing of Sunak's Conservative Party, as some also wanted to make appeals to international courts impossible. The moderate forces in the party rejected this, for fear of violating international agreements. In the next step, the law will now move to the British House of Lords, the second chamber in the legislative process.

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