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Poll: Wagenknecht party by four percent

Poll: Wagenknecht party by four percent

According to the ZDF magazine “Politbarometer” published today, the new party of former German left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht can expect to receive four percent of the vote across Germany.

In the poll conducted by the Election Research Group, at least 17% could imagine the possibility of voting for the new party. This is particularly the case with supporters of the left and the AfD.

If federal elections are held in Germany next Sunday, the ruling Social Democratic Party will receive only 13 percent (minus one) according to the political measure – the worst value in this legislative period.

Support for the opposition Union Party also decreased slightly to 31 percent (minus one), and for the Free Democratic Party to four percent (minus one). The values ​​of the Alternative for Germany party remain unchanged at 22 percent, the Greens at 14 percent and the Left at 4 percent. The number of Liberal voters increased slightly to four percent (plus one).

The majority consider Merz unsuitable

Both German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck (Green Party) have reached new lows when it comes to the issue of personal consent. Defense Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) remains at the top of the empathy scale.

When asked about accepting the position of Chancellor of the CDU and CSU, 61% of all participants considered CDU leader Friedrich Merz unsuitable, while only 31% saw it differently. For CSU president Markus Söder, the values ​​are only slightly better, with 57 percent disapproval and 38 percent approval.