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Pope Francis visits the Italian television studio for the first time

Pope Francis visits the Italian television studio for the first time

Rome, May 28, 2023 (KAP) For an interview with the Italian Catholic program “A Sua immagine” (pictured), Pope Francis was the first pope to visit a television studio of Italian state broadcaster RAI. This is also the first time that the Pope has entered a television studio, according to the portal “”. The interview is scheduled to be broadcast on June 4.

The interview was supposed to be recorded on March 29, originally in a prison in Rome. However, on that day, the Pope was admitted to Gemelli Hospital, so the interview had to be postponed. The Pope arrived at the seat of the Roman see, Saxa Rubra, at around 3:00 PM. When Francis arrived at the studios just outside the center of Rome in his Fiat 500, the staff greeted him with standing ovations.

The religious program “A Sua imagine” (in the form of his image) has been produced in collaboration with the Italian Bishops’ Conference and RAI for 26 years and is broadcast every Sunday. Pope Francis had already given an interview about the program in 2022 on the occasion of a special broadcast on Good Friday. On the fourth of March this year, the editorial team was also received by the head of the church. He also announced that he occasionally watches the Sunday religious program himself. At the time, he told the liberators that they should continue to promote solidarity, reduce apathy, and give those in need a voice.