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Slight relaxation in Greece, dangerous winds in western Turkey «

Slight relaxation in Greece, dangerous winds in western Turkey «

Meanwhile, strong winds at a temperature of around 40 degrees keep emergency services in Mugla in western Turkey on the alert.

11.50 am, August 11, 2021

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In Greece, the situation with major fires eased slightly. On the second largest Greek island Yoboa There are still plenty of fires, but smaller ones, on Wednesday. Because the smoke is no longer so strong, firefighting planes and helicopters can do better in the morning, the media reported.

On Tuesday, 21 villages in the area were evacuated due to the approaching fire. The weather now offers a glimmer of hope: Rain has been announced on the island in the evening. People really hope that they will come along and be strong enough.

in the peninsula Peloponnese The flames continued to burn, but the situation there also subsided a bit on Wednesday, Greek fire brigade chief Stefanos Kolokooris told Sky TV. This is not least due to the presence of many international assistants, in the region there are mainly Czech, British and German workers. A total of 578 firefighters with 181 vehicles are deployed in the area. They are supported by seven firefighting aircraft and seven firefighting helicopters.

High winds at a temperature of about 40 degrees, while emergency services keep in western Turkey Mugla in breathing. The head of the fire department said that two fires in the mountains of the Köycegiz municipality were again out of control. Bhatin Yavuz, Wednesday. But the villages are not threatened. Fires will be put out in the hard-to-reach area from the air and with troops on the ground. A spokeswoman said the fires in Antalya province were still under control.

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Two weeks after the fires broke out, most of the fires were under control. However, sparks can still jump out over and over again and cause fires due to severe wind drying. “There is a risk of more fires by October,” he warned. Doganai Tolunay, Forest engineer at Istanbul University.

While emergency services in the southwest battle the flames, the Black Sea coast in the north is causing torrential rain and flooding. In the province, 400 km east of Istanbul two parties The state-run Anadolu news agency reported that the torrents swept through cars, submerged homes and destroyed streets. There is also someone missing. Heavy rain, wind and thunderstorms are expected in the Black Sea region this evening.