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"Poppea" by Monteverde at the Opera House: "House of Cards" a dancer

“Poppea” by Monteverde at the Opera House: “House of Cards” a dancer

So what do you see and hear (audience is finally allowed again) with this “Poppea”? One sees the illusory body worlds that Lauwers (also theatrical) is fully aware of with dancers at his Needcompany. Because Lauwers translates the story of Emperor Nero, who does everything to be able to marry his beloved Poppea and thus walk over corpses, into an abstract dance scene. Torque – gorgeous solo dancers Sarah Lutz and Camilo Mejia Curtis – is everywhere. Lauwers arrange dancers, soloists, and bodies in a large painting Vivants, portraying Always Singing, and which develop their own lives in the exciting amalgamation of all art forms. Almost a “house of cards” dance.

The performers fit perfectly with this concept. For example, Kate Lindsay, who was already a prominent voice and acting figure in Salzburg and could show more strength and prowess in Vienna.

The soprano Slávka Zámečniková (who works in the house band) is an absolute discovery where Poppea ruthlessly pushes her intrigues and lusts for power. This visually beautiful singer – the bold prophecy – will make a world career.

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