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Porsche Macan after update in driving report

Porsche Macan after update in driving report

Three engines on display

Porsche Macan is offered in three versions. The “basic model” comes with a new turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 265 hp. The Macan S (with a twin-turbo V6 with 380 hp) delivers more Schmalz. The most powerful car in the family right now is the GTS – there is no turbo anymore – with 440 horsepower and sport air suspension only available on the top model.

Porsche has also updated the Macan’s interior. The automatic selector lever is shorter but does not turn into a heel, the center console is sleeker and has tactile surfaces. A stylish analog watch is now standard.

We drive Macan as “Macan”, which is the primary alternative. With 265 hp (20 hp more than before) it’s hard to talk about a beginner or a basic. In fact, nothing happens on the 265 PS Macan either. The car looks harmonious in every respect, with precise steering and a quiet engine that delivers enough lard when you want it. The all-wheel drive system ensures that power is confidently transferred to the road and that the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission fits perfectly into the overall picture. The Macan accelerates to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds (the Sport Plus package is faster another 0.2 seconds).

How much does a Porsche cost? Prices start at 76,897 euros and go up to 115,376 euros. There are also new colors, among which is “gentian blue” which largely refers to Austria.

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