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This is how AI can simplify your business

This is how AI can simplify your business

Are you still working or is the AI ​​already taking over? How you can sensibly use AI in your daily work.

Welcome to the 21st century, is what many industries are currently saying. With the artificial intelligencelike ChatGPT The world of work will be revolutionized once again. For example, it aims to shorten certain business processes and simplify more complex things.

For those who are still skeptical about the new technology,… courier Three tips. It shows how you can apply AI at work and use it to your advantage.

Writing emails

In order to communicate internally and externally at work, you have to write many emails in the office. Whether to schedule important meetings or discuss new business requirements at work. In the long run, this can be time consuming (and a bit tiring). This is where artificial intelligence comes into play. If you can't find the right words, you can ChatGPT Consult. You type a simple command into the AI's text field and the work is done. All you need is information about the context of the email (colleagues, clients, Leadershipetc.), what the content should be and what tone the text should have (example below).

The command could be, for example, “Email colleague Mueller. Idea unsatisfactory. Friendly.” The result usually needs some improvement, but it is also a useful first guide that can be modified as desired.

Text correction

AI can also help with another small business: The Spelling and spelling. The system remains the same. Simply enter the text that needs to be corrected into the file Amnesty International Copy and add it should be checked for any errors. In this way, we check step by step where errors creep in. Then it lists what is incorrect – also grammatically. Here too the result should be viewed with caution. True to the motto: check and double check.

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Create business plans

It's not uncommon to encounter a little conundrum about how to use your day productively. It needs a clear one Work schedule. Here too, AI can help and plan days or even months in advance. A command like: “Create a business plan for an architectural office” is enough to obtain a detailed list of possible sequences of work. Of course you have to do it again here as well Corrections He made it, but it is a template to build upon.