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Possible iPad Pro 2024: Samsung prioritizes the development of OLED screens

Possible iPad Pro 2024: Samsung prioritizes the development of OLED screens

The South Korean company Samsung is not only one of Apple’s biggest competitors in the smartphone and tablet segment, but it also works with the Cupertino group in other sectors. Like now from the magazine electricity Samsung’s own OLED displays, which Apple intends to use in upcoming iPad models, have been reported to be prioritized.

According to The Elec article, Samsung wants to prioritize developing a special kind of OLED display that Apple could use for iPads and Macs in the future. For this purpose, another OLED project, developed in collaboration with Ulvac from Japan, has been left for more than a year.

The sources said, “Samsung Display will instead invest in the horizontal half-cut coating method developed by Canon Tokki. The reason for this is that the latter process has already been commercialized and is being developed with the aim of providing OLED panels for Apple tablets.” Cupertino plans to launch iPads with OLED panels.

This is how The Elec reports on Samsung’s current priority in terms of OLED development. The South Korean conglomerate is Apple’s main display supplier, and has been supplying the company with OLED screens for its flagship iPhone models since 2017. Other Apple products such as the iPhone SE, Mac, and iPad still use LCD and mini-LED display panels.

According to reliable display analyst Ross Young, Apple is expected to release its first iPad Pro with an OLED screen in 2024 in 11 ″ and 12.9 ″ sizes. In the same year, the first 13-inch MacBook Air with an OLED screen will be released.

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