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Possible 'killer asteroid': The European Space Agency offers all the clarity

Possible ‘killer asteroid’: The European Space Agency offers all the clarity

asteroid discovered in 2021 QM1 It was ESA It was once called “the most dangerous asteroid for mankind”. 2052 It will have an orb of diameter between 30 and 80 meters It can dangerously approach the ground, the impact is not excluded. Just in time for today asteroid day ESA gave it all.

According to a source, new data from the European Southern Observatory did not confirm the concerns ESA Transmission. Based on the new observations, an asteroid impact can now be ruled out. 2021 QM1 will come from Asteroid Hazard List It was removed by the space agency.

1,377 Still other asteroids are on the list. It was observed, among other things, by the European Space Agency’s Planetary Defense Office, and today is “Asteroid Day”. 10.30 am on me asteroid day website Insight into his work.

asteroid day

Asteroid Day aims to educate the public about the importance of asteroids and also to draw attention to the dangers of collisions. subordinate June 30 It was not chosen randomly. in the year 1908 An asteroid exploded that day Siberia With the force of several hundred Hiroshima bombs, the so-called Tunguska event

Museums and scientific institutions today use this to provide information about meteorite research through an extensive public program. Also in the Natural History Museum in Vienna Asteroid Day events take place.

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