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O11D EVO XL and more: Lian Li reveals new prototypes and updates

Lian Li 2019As part of the 2022 DIGITAL EXPO 2.0, Lian Li provided information on the current status of the company’s new developments. A new LANCOOL model, the O11D EVO XL and the first DAN cases for Micro-ATX motherboards, but also new UNI FAN fans and the AiO cooling system developed by Lian Li are shown in two YouTube videos.

Case innovations: LANCOOL 216, DAN Cases A3 m-ATX, O11D EVO XL

who – which 216 It is intended to develop further Lancool 215 Convince above all by its high cooling performance and the convenience of AiO air and water cooling. There are two 160mm fans behind the grille front and one 140mm fan on the back wall. The I/O panel is factory fitted into the case and provides not only two USB 3.0 ports and an audio jack, but also a USB Type-C port. If you place the case on the table next to you, you can slide the I/O panel down to the left side of the front. The position of the cable bushings next to the main board can also be adjusted and thus adapted to motherboards of different widths. It is also unusual for the motherboard itself to move in height. This provides room for two 140mm fans on the power supply housing or a thicker radiator housing. An additional 120mm fan can be installed in the expansion card slots area using an external bracket. A cover plate for the cover is also included, with which unused fan spaces can be closed off and pressure drops can be prevented.

Manufactured in collaboration with DAN Cases and Lian Li, the DAN case models were previously particularly space-saving Mini-ITX cases. with the DAN A3 m-ATX containers But now the first Micro-ATX case is being developed. With a volume of about 20 liters, it should provide enough space for a graphics card up to 38 cm in length and a CPU cooler of up to 15.8 cm in height or a 360 mm cooler. Either an SFX or ATX power supply (ATX with restrictions on other uses) can be installed. Two 2.5″ drives can also be installed. The A3 m-ATX combines a 1.5 mm thick aluminum and a 1.2 mm thick steel frame. The underside is illuminated by A-RGB LED lights. One of the mesh side panels can be replaced with an optional glass side panel. The interior can be flipped – so the user can choose to mount the main board to the right or left side.

also in O11D EVO XL Growth is the order of the day. It is a greater alternative to what is known O11D EVO And it makes room for an E-ATX system with ample water cooling. Up to three 420mm radiators can be used at the same time. The removable motherboard tray can be installed in three positions. Even the middle position creates room for 96mm of thickness for the base and cover radiators. If you need more space for the push and pull configuration, you can move the tray up or down.

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Cooling Updates

In another video, Lian Li introduces cooling innovations. with UNI FAN SL120 / 140 V2.0 or. AL120 V2 and AL140 There will be new fans. The SL120 V2 and AL120 V2 are said to offer more airflow and static pressure with a thicker 28mm tyre. In the UNI FAN SL120 / 140 V2, the lighting has been reworked for smoother transitions. The UNI FAN AL120 V2 and AL140 keep the aluminum look, but get extra narrow RGB stripes at the corners of each side of the fan. From UNI FAN P28 There will soon be a silent and demo version. Both are 120mm PWM fans. The P28 Silent runs at a maximum of 1,900 rpm, while the P28 Performance operates at a maximum of 2,300 rpm. While the P28 Silent was designed as a chassis fan, the P28’s heat sink performance was improved.

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Finally, Lian Li also shows a prototype of a new model 360mm AiO Cooling, which was developed by Lian Li himself. 28 mm thick fans are placed on the 32 mm thick radiator. This is intended to achieve higher performance compared to smaller models. The lighting pattern of the pump block can be customized.

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