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Post photos after review for border secrecy – VG

The Biden administration has released several photos from a crowded immigration center on the Mexican border. This comes after permission was denied to both the media, human rights groups and lawyers.


The photos were taken at a makeshift center in Dona, South Texas, and were released Tuesday by U.S. border police.

This came after harsh criticism from Henry Kuller, a Democratic congressman from Texas. On Monday, his office posted several similar images to the website from the same immigration center Axios.

Kuller wanted to show the living conditions of children in the centers and pointed out that there was no access to the media.

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Joe Biden to Immigrants: – Don’t Come!

After Joe Biden became president Number of children and youth crossing the border Increased drastically from Mexico. More than 15,000 children have been arrested across the U.S. border in recent weeks. Writes AP, And many of them are placed in so-called immigration centers such as prisons for up to a week – more than the 72 hours allowed by law.

– The system is overloaded now. If so, Kuller says, or not.

The photos, published by Kuller, show children lying close to cushions on the floor, covered with foil blankets and separated from each other into groups with transparent plastic walls:

Before being transferred to centers run by the Ministry of Children and Health and Social Affairs, detention centers will function as temporary shelters for children. From here, they can be reunited with relatives in the United States or cared for in other ways.

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Now that capacity has exploded, temporary centers are referred to as an obstacle.

– I saw a situation that was out of control

It is clear that Joe Biden will pursue a more humane immigration policy than his Republican predecessor, Donald Trump. And Republicans He believes this is the reason for the sharp increase in immigration, And Biden can thank himself for the condition of the border.

Background: Sharp increase in children and youth across the US border: – Our system needs to be fixed

Among other things, the president has decided that children and young people who come to the United States alone from Mexico will no longer be deported to the border. They were under Trump – based on the corona epidemic.

– What Trump did is horrible. These pictures show that even if you have the best intentions of the Biden administration, it is still very difficult, says Democrat Kuller.

Joe Biden and his administration say they believe they have taken over the broken asylum system from Trump, Biden presented his vice president, Kamala Harris, on Wednesday. Responsible for directing work to bring the situation under control across the border.

– In the middle of an epidemic

Biden administration receives harsh criticism for not providing access to human rights groups, lawyers and the media for temporary relocation centers, writes News agency A.P..

“We want the press to have accountability to the administration,” Democratic Senator Chris Murphy said last week with US Secretary of Defense Alejandro Majorca and several other senators after visiting an immigration center in El Paso.

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Republican Sen. Rob Portman, who was on the same trip, commented on the case as follows: Screwer Washington Post:

– I saw a situation that was out of control.

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Biden draws a line on Trump’s tough immigration policy

The U.S. Border Patrol CBP did not encourage them to come out of their facilities because they “want to protect the health and safety of our workers and those in charge.” N.P.R..

In an interview with MSNBC, Defense Minister Alejandro Myorgas said limited access was caused by the corona epidemic.

– Let it be clear here, we are in the midst of an epidemic, He said, among other things.

– Unmatched

John Moore, photojournalist of Getty Images Writes a column in the Washington Post Under previous presidents, he has been allowed to take pictures inside immigration centers on tours with border police officers.

– Not anymore. Last week, when I was going to document the arrest of immigrants in El Paso, I had to do it from the Mexican side of the border. He writes that journalists do not have to stand in another country to document what is happening in the United States.

“PR Crisis”: John Moore took this picture in 2018 in McCallon, Texas. A two-year-old girl from Honduras is seen crying. – The film was seen by millions around the world, and caused a PR crisis for the Trump administration. However, Moore writes that I was not denied permission for my next trips. Photo: John Moore / Getty Images / Handout / World Press Photo

Moore is particularly critical of the press’ denial of access to temporary relocation centers.

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He argues that the Biden administration does not want to refer to the situation as a crisis and that the media should be allowed to document the situation at the centers.

– We have moved from Trump’s “zero tolerance” for immigrants to Biden’s “zero access” to journalists covering immigration. He writes that this development is unparalleled in modern history.