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Posting jobs gives hope for another new game

Posting jobs gives hope for another new game

A recently posted job advertisement gives fans of mafia games hope that a new game is in the works.

The announcement of a new job on the social network to maintain existing business contacts – or “LinkedIn” for short – gives fans of the mafia video game series great hope. It’s been official since last year Mafia 4 Under development after Hangar 13 boss Roman Hladik She revealed an active development after months of speculation.

Mafia 4’s existence came with the departure of some developers. First, Haden Blackman left the developer as head of the studio. Shortly thereafter, COO (Chief Operating Officer) Matthew Urban. This, in turn, sparked new speculation about the game’s development, which is why the job posting is so interesting.

Mafia 4: Hangar 13 is looking for reinforcements for development

According to the LinkedIn job description Hangar 13 is looking for a Tooling Engineer. This position works with content creators to give them the tools to create a great video game. Actually it’s not a big deal if there are no details at the end.

It states that they are working on creating and maintaining virtual tools to support the development of an “unannounced multi-platform game currently in the works”. Working with Unreal Engine 5.

What kind of video game will Mafia 4 be?

Hangar 13 is unlikely to have any game other than Mafia 4 in the oven. However, if this is indeed the game in question, it’s strange that it’s still in pre-production half a year after it was announced. It is possible that pre-production is nearing completion, concepts complete and actual development imminent.

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Of course, all of the insiders who have reported on the subject so far could be dead wrong. Mafia 4 may be almost over and it is already Mafia 5.

Mafia 4 Under development.