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Power Express – Hydrogen is coming! Nel, Plug Power shares, Daimler and RWE share exciting news!

Hydrogen is on the rise. More and more projects are emerging all over the world and the amounts invested are increasing. In addition to many large companies and small businesses such as in a (WKN: A0B733). after a sharp correction, partner He was arrested because of the positive quarterly numbers.

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Through its US subsidiary Nel Hydrogen US, Nel recently received a US$2.6 million order for electrolyzers from a leading fuel cell manufacturer. Neil will do this between 2022 and 2024 and will also provide advisory services. The company also recorded an increase in its capital to raise new funds.

Connect Power and Lhyfe to build green hydrogen stations

power plug (NASDAQ: Lhyfe) and France’s Lhyfe are collaborating to develop and operate 300 megawatt green hydrogen plants in Europe by 2025. In addition, work is underway to implement a 1 gigawatt system.

Both entered into a collaboration at the beginning of 2021. Plug Power is working on making its electrolyzer technology available for its first offshore hydrogen production facility, which was developed by Lhyfe and will begin operations in 2022. Both companies have already indicated that they are likely to build offshore hydrogen plants. In the US soon, too.

BP and Daimler plan to build a hydrogen tank network

Daimler (WKN: 710000) – OND TRUCK BP (NYSE: UK) to establish up to 25 hydrogen filling stations in the UK by 2030. Daimler also plans to sell corresponding cars in the UK by 2025.

“We are constantly pursuing our vision of CO2 neutral transportation. A hydrogen fuel cell engine will be indispensable in the future, especially for long distance CO2 neutral road transportation. Together with BP, we want to develop and expand the necessary hydrogen infrastructure By providing hydrogen-powered trucks to our customers and thus supporting the decarbonization of UK freight transport,” says Karen Radstrom, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler Trucks.

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RWE and John Cockerill develop waste-to-hydrogen plant

RWE (WKN: 703712) and Belgian mechanical engineering group John Cockerill are building a pilot plant in Germany to use household waste to produce hydrogen. John Cockerill developed a multi-burner oven (MHF/1000) for this purpose.

RWE will contribute €3 million to the project, which is expected to be completed in July 2022. The group plans to produce green, recyclable hydrogen and carbon dioxide for the chemical industries on a large scale. At the same time, waste is reduced.

“In our new pilot plant in Germany, we will improve an important step in an innovative hydrogen production process. The knowledge gained will be incorporated into our FUREC project in the Netherlands. There we want to recycle green circular hydrogen and carbon dioxide from municipal waste in an economically sustainable way. At the time Same, we help our industrial partners reduce their carbon footprint,” says Roger Mason, CEO of RWE Generation.

clause Hydrogen is coming! Nel, Plug Power shares, Daimler and RWE share exciting news! First appeared in Motley Fall Deutschland.

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