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Prado goes to America

Prado goes to America

Prado Heading To America – This rumor has been around for months and we knew from the weekend that it was going to happen. The only question is, why and when?

Crazy season in MXGP

Jorge Prado’s season has been fantastic. Especially at the start of the year, the Spanish rider was the most dominant player in the MXGP class, gaining an almost unassailable lead in the standings and rightfully becoming the MXGP World Champion.

By winning this title, the American rumors started again, because it was always said that Prado wanted to move after winning the championship. But that’s not the case, as he still has a contract until 2024.

First Supercross Test in 2023

Nevertheless, we can clarify this at some point, because the Spaniards will fly to America in the very near future to be tested with the GasGas Supercross for two and a half weeks. But it’s less about moving across the pond to 2024 and more about seeing how George tackles Supercross.

Still, the Prados approach these two and a half weeks with some background. If he moves to America in 2025, the Spaniards want to know if he will compete in Supercross.

Prado keeps a low profile in public

When asked about potential US projects, the 22-year-old said in August: “We don’t really have any plans to go. If an offer comes, we’ll look at it, but at the moment I’m clearly focused on MXGP.”Prado added: “Of course I follow the Supercross series. I like Supercross, I have to admit.

He also emphasized that he would go above 100% only if there is. So MX- or SX- only is not up for debate. This applies when choosing your motorcycle, because if the Prado does indeed make its way to America in 2025, it will only be in the 450 class.

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What do you think, will George Prado stand a chance in America? Write in the comments?