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Prak district tour: Sweet Home Alabama! – A semester in the United States

Travel – Learn about cultures, improve language skills, build social interactions, and experience pure diversity. Summer vacation, business trip or road trip – travel is never boring. School students also choose to spend a semester or a year abroad during their school days. Laura Enjekovic from Wilfleinstorp is one of them.

A semester in the United States

Many students who decide to spend a semester abroad at one of Laura enjekovek. The 17-year-old moved to the United States in 2019, more precisely to Alabama, where he was allowed to spend the next few months with a host family. COVID-19 and march 1st wave, four months later, the house had to turn back (at the time, from the United States for all transfer students was the case, Laura explains.) The student describes Nonetheless, the United States, his life is the most beautiful one, many with memories, of course, with her long time stays.

The semester abroad has personally helped the student, he says. Being alone abroad for many months not only strengthens your own self-confidence, but also your self-confidence and independence. “Set new goals for the future yourself. After graduating from high school, I would love to go abroad again, regardless of whether it was travel, work or study,” Laura explains.

Months full of wonderful memories

In four months in Alabama, Laura was able to gain many new experiences, get to know people and create memories. He remembered the first day of school positively, the 17-year-old said. He attended the largest school in the region with more than 2000 students. So getting a little lost at first is totally understandable. He recalls meeting his host family and friends in the United States, particularly in favor. She is still in contact with them, in Alabama, in the United States as a “second home” is.

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Alone at the other end of the world

More than 8,000 km from home. Without parents, siblings or friends. Laura says living in a strange place for a long time is not really that bad. Christmas with his family at home should not be the only difference being that it was strange. A lot of students to travel abroad to visit and to know new cultures and people says that there is always a dream. Glad you accepted the distance even more for a dream!

Anyone who is interested in Tips

Laura advises others interested in a semester or year abroad that they should be open and take advantage of every opportunity offered to them. “Doing a semester abroad is a unique opportunity. It will be the best time of your life and eventually you will not even want to go home,” says Laura.