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Reaches US software company Oracle Dictoc |  Currently USA |  D.W.

Reaches US software company Oracle Dictoc | Currently USA | D.W.

In the fight for the future of the popular Dictoc video app in the United States, the last-minute deal to participate with the software company Oracle continues. However, this is not about the sale of US business by Chinese owner Bidens, but about a stake in Oracle as a technology partner. It is unclear whether this solution will satisfy US President Donald Trump. With regard to data security, he had originally set Bidens as the deadline for mid-September as part of a deal with US business.

New jobs in view

Oracle has confirmed its involvement in a bidet program. U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Munuchin added that he plans to find a global Dictoc business in the United States with 20,000 jobs. Munuchin announced on CNBC that the proposal would now be scrutinized by a panel to evaluate foreign investment in the United States and then announced by President Donald Trump.

Oracle may have a potential role in storing data from American Dictoc users. Trump sees Dicto as a security risk based on the fact that Chinese officials can get data from Americans. He therefore banned American companies from doing business with Dicto.

Beijing is blocking business with Microsoft

It first appeared that Microsoft would take over American business. But the Chinese government torpedoed the solution with a new rule that would require it to agree to sell some software algorithms overseas. On Monday night, Microsoft announced that its offer had been rejected.

Time is running out. Another Trump order is due to come into force in mid-November, according to which Bytes will dispose of all data from users in the United States. Bytes will not be allowed to own any property in the United States used for the operation of Dictok.

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Oracle specializes in software for business and has no social media experience. However, the company is a provider of cloud services and, for example, one of the video conferencing service zoom service providers. Also, 76-year-old Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison is considered one of the most important Trump supporters in Silicon Valley.

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