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Premier League: Summer 2023 in America?

Premier League: Summer 2023 in America?


News | In the summer preparations, the best clubs from all over the world always meet in friendly matches – in a variety of competitions. The Premier League is now planning its own competition in the summer of 2023.

Premier League: A pre-season in America in 2023?

There will be no major men’s tournaments in the summer of 2023. This may be the case for some clubs Premier League In the summer you can organize your own preparatory competitions. noise Athletic Planning is in full swing, with a six-team tournament to be held in the United States. The internal competition aims to strengthen the Premier League brand in the US, and in light of the 2026 World Cup in the US and Mexico.

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Details are yet to be finalized, but the event is believed to take place by the end of July. It involves dividing the six Premier League clubs into two groups, each playing two friendlies in various cities on the east and west coasts of the United States. Some clubs have already expressed interest, the only question at this point is how many of the “big six” will be able to take part in the tournament. Marketing requires at least one great club.

Obviously, some sections of the clubs see an opportunity here to take the final step of moving the league’s best games abroad.

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