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Presentation of the new GUESS USA collection for Fall 2022

Presentation of the new GUESS USA collection for Fall 2022

Los Angeles –

Since 1981, GUESS has followed a unique vision of the ‘American Way’ and has an extensive archive of design and photography.

Nicolai Marciano enlists photographer Eli Russell Linnetts for the visual relaunch of GUESS USA Designed by Nicolai Marciano, the clothing collection is innovative and shines a light on the American West aesthetic. The cinematography is directed by Lynettes. His vision is inspired by Americana’s energy and approach to life.

Beginning in fall 2022, the collection will be distributed exclusively through global GUESS USA partner Slam Jam, serving select retailers worldwide.

“Inspired by the American iconography of previous GUESS campaigns, the collection incorporates elements you might find in small artisan workshops on the streets of America: worn leather, faded denim, sun-bleached fur and dye-encrusted hardware.” – Nikolai Marciano.

This synergistic partnership creates an elevated collection that draws inspiration from GUESS USA’s rich portfolio. Inspired by GUESS Atelier’s one-off pieces designed in the 80s, 90s and 2000s, none of these pieces have ever been produced – until now.

From the first marketing campaigns, GUESS relied on the medium of photography, which enabled a new form of advertising and commerce. Iconic advertisements, sometimes not even showing clothes, sold a lifestyle and the American dream – something that was also seen in the work of Eli Russell Linnetts.

“GUESS has always used photography to tell compelling stories – not just stories that sold clothes, but an exciting attitude and energy.” – ELI RUSSELL LINNETZ.

Working with others who share a vision of the American way is important to GUESS. All photographs were personally directed by Eli Russell Linnetts, who lends his trained eye to document the brand’s FA22 campaign.

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The GUESS photo archive’s main display echoes Eli Russell Linnetts vision of reinterpretation – Nicolai Marciano, Linnetts and Slam Jam collaborate to define a new generation of borderline sexuality and attitude.

About GUESS?, Inc.

Founded in 1981, GUESS began as a denim company and has successfully grown into a global lifestyle brand. Guess?, Inc. Designs, markets, distributes and licenses lifestyle collections of contemporary apparel, denim, handbags, watches, eyewear, footwear and other related consumer products. Guess the products? Sold worldwide through Guess brand stores and high-end department stores and specialist shops. As of July 30, 2022, the company directly operated 1,064 retail stores in the US, Europe and Asia. Partners and distributors operated an additional 567 retail stores worldwide. As of July 30, 2022, the Company and its subsidiaries and distributors operate in approximately 100 countries worldwide. For more information about the company, visit

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