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Premiere – Grand Theater in Ottenschlager Kammerbühne

Premiere – Grand Theater in Ottenschlager Kammerbühne

At the heart of the plot is the free-spirited dentist Julian – brilliantly portrayed by director Michael Mittermeier. During his romantic adventures, he pretends to be married with three children so that he does not have to commit permanently. But then he meets Antonia – a young, charming and well-mannered young woman. He falls in love with her and wants to marry her. But Antonia is ready to do this only if she is sure that his alleged wife also agrees to the divorce and wants to get to know her. Julian is desperate: where will he get a wife now? His receptionist Stephanie, loyal to him and, above all, unmarried, is ready to help him. And thus begins a funny round of lies and misunderstandings.

Claudia Rohnfeld and Thomas Schreyweiss direct this poignant comedy by Pierre Barrelet and Jean-Pierre Gredi for the first time at Kammerbühne. They and the director filled the six roles optimally. In addition to Michael Mittermeier, what stands out from the excellent ensemble are Aurelia Lancre, who plays her role as receptionist and imaginary wife brilliantly and very variably depending on her situation, and Dominique Loesch as Julien's lively yet sensitive lover. The cast is completed by Georg Hasenzagel as Antonia's neighbor, Joanna Mucha as a hysterical patient, and Christian Schiesser as a patient and emergency worker who always makes the audience laugh with his strange facial expressions.

Most of the invited guests witnessed an exceptional performance at the premiere to a fully packed auditorium, which was rewarded with lots of applause and very positive comments. The evening ended comfortably in the lounge with the buffet prepared by the Kammerbühne team. “The Cactus Blossom” is on the schedule until March 2. Tickets are available below www.kammerbuehne.atOr office@kammerbü or 02872/61221.

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