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President Joe Biden is comfortable with Floyd’s trial

President Joe Biden is comfortable with Floyd’s trial

DrHe is the American president Joe Biden He expressed his “satisfaction” with the verdict in the violent murder trial of African American George Floyd. Biden contacted Floyd’s family on Tuesday after a Minneapolis jury found accused ex-cop Derek Chauvin guilty of all charges.

“We are all very comfortable,” the president said in the phone call made by the family’s lawyer. Floyd Generic Made. “It’s really important.”

In a subsequent speech at the White House, Biden called for more struggle against racism and police violence. Biden said structural racism was “ugly to the soul of our nation”.

“A step forward in the march of justice”

Regarding the Floyd family, the President said, “Nothing can return her brother, her father. But this could be a big step forward in the march for justice in America.” But this is not enough. Real change and real reforms are needed to stop accidents like Floyd’s murder.

One shouldn’t look the other way after a guilty verdict and think, “Our job is done,” Biden emphasized. “I can’t breathe,” said the President, remembering Floyd’s last words. “We can’t let those words die with him.” The Democrat called on Congress to pass a law named after George Floyd for police reforms, which could fail due to Senate Republicans. Biden made fighting racism one of his main concerns.

Biden said he spoke to Floyd’s six-year-old daughter Gianna during the previous phone call. Biden said, “I told her this afternoon, my father changed the world.”

Overcoming structural racism

The vice president also participated in the conversation with the family Kamala Harris Participate. The country’s first black vice president said, “This is Justice Day in America.” History will “look back at this moment.” When he later appeared in the White House, Harris urged reforms to overcome structural racism in the United States.

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