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Press conference disrupted: ÖFB women celebrate like David Alaba

Press conference disrupted: ÖFB women celebrate like David Alaba

Immediately after the final whistle, there was a loud cheer with “fan” Marina Georgieva at St. Mary’s Stadium. As a result, match player and championship winner Barbara Dunst was thrown into the air multiple times by her teammates. From the mattresses – there were about 1,000 ÖFB fans – “Oh, how beautiful” the chants could be heard, then with the support of the musician they sang to the classics of Rainhard Fendrich and also danced the bolognese. “It was great to absorb the atmosphere a little bit with the fans on the field,” said midfielder Sara Zadrazil.

After no public celebration in the locker room, a group of six ÖFB players, including Schnaderbeck, Manuela Zinsberger and Sarah Puntigam, suddenly smashed PK into team bosses Irene Fuhrmann and Dunst and celebrated loudly with the “Lets get down to business” song. Dunst even raised her folding chair – a cheery position that David Alaba made famous at Real Madrid. “Then, that’s what connects us, those are the stories we’ll be telling again in the coming years,” Schnaderbeck emphasized. The performance certainly wasn’t to Foreman’s taste, but she applauded and then assured, “You deserve it, you can’t take that from you.”

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