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Press Freedom America – Donald Trump asked the New York Times

During the reign of President Donald Trump (2017-21), the US government had one New York Times report According to the secret access to the phone data of four reporters of the newspaper. The Justice Department under Trump’s successor Joe Biden announced on Wednesday (local time) that the newspaper received the relevant documents from mid – January to the end of April 2017.

It has not been officially announced which article provoked the action. However, in late April 2017, all four reporters released a report on how then-FBI Director James Comey handled politically important investigations by federal police, including the Democratic nominee case, ahead of the 2016 presidential election. Hillary Clinton. The article contained confidential information that may have led judicial officials to investigate to determine the evidence. Trump fired Kami as head of the FBI in May 2017, and before the 2016 election attacked Trump’s campaign camp and repeated inquiries into authority that he might be in agreement with Russia.

A report released by the Washington Post quoted the ministry as saying that the information obtained was part of a criminal investigation into the unauthorized disclosure of classified information. All four reporters are not the subject or target of the investigation.

The ministry has also received a court order to retrieve data from the emails, the “New York Times” wrote. This is not about the content of the letter. However, the authority “did not receive any data”. In early May, the Republican Trump administration reportedly received similar data from the Washington Post and broadcaster CNN.

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Dean Pocket, editor-in-chief of the New York Times, condemned the Trump administration’s actions. “The confiscation of journalists’ phone data deeply undermines press freedom.” This would silence the evidence that one relies on “providing the public with important information about what the government is doing”. (Aba)