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Prince Andrew soon no longer Duke of York?  «

Prince Andrew soon no longer Duke of York? «

After Prince Andrew, who was threatened with a lawsuit for abuse in the United States, lost his military rank, the City of York also distanced itself from the Duke of York. It’s a buzz in the royal family: Prince Charles and Prince William are said to be the driving force behind the move away.

13.51, January 14, 2022


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Prince Andrew has lost his military honors © AFP

A high-ranking advisor in the English city of York has been implicated in the abuse scandal surrounding the British princes Andrew He also demanded that he lose the title of ‘Duke of York’. “Now that the Queen has stripped him of his military roles and royal patronage, he must also relinquish the title of Duke of York,” said Liberal Democrat Daryl Smalley. From York City Council on Friday.

York is proud of her special relationship with the crown. Now it will all allegations against Andrew collected and processed. “Our great city deserves better,” Smalley wrote on Twitter.

Prins Andrew Endangered process in the United States. claimant Virginia Joffrey accuses the Queen of repeatedly abusing her when she was a minor about 20 years ago. It is said to be based on American millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who has since died Andrew was mediated. After demands from the army, the Queen withdrew all military ranks and care for her second eldest son (61) and thus clearly distanced herself.

As a result, the English royal family is in distress: according to the “Daily Mail”. Prince Charles and Prince William Driving forces driving distance from Andrew.