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The chair sitting on Kevin Costner's balcony

The chair sitting on Kevin Costner's balcony

Classic American Furniture Category: “Adirondack Chair”. Spotted on the fictional Yellowstone Ranch, in the lawn behind MAK and anywhere the “outside” is especially nice and spacious.

When John Dutton has something important to say, he usually goes to a tree. There are four chairs underneath. They are made of simple wooden slats. There is a lot to discuss in the American series “Yellowstone,” one of the most successful series of recent years. After all, the world is changing in Montana, too. John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, doesn’t really want to believe it. That’s another reason why his conversations don’t necessarily last long. The ideological divisions between the rancher, who later became the governor of Montana, and all those he sees as threatening his life and traditions run deep. Once the characters sit down, which is what the script wants them to do, they stand up again. Although the “Adirondack chair” that the main actors usually sit in on in the series is not designed for quick rising. The piece of furniture is likely made to look tall and loyal. Preferably in the distance. John Dutton can do it well from his porch. Better yet: with a glass of whiskey in your hand. You can also comfortably rest this on the typical wide armrests of an outdoor armchair, which is almost part of the famous cliché of how you usually sit on the wooden porches in front of the house and slowly think about life and daily life and process your worries.

Be Seaside also offers seat leathers for the “Adirondack” models. Christian Burmester

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