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Prince George: Everything but boredom - this is how the expert reads George's body language

Prince George: Everything but boredom – this is how the expert reads George’s body language

At some point – usually just before puberty – we all reach an age when spending time with our parents is no longer our top priority. It is therefore important to make the best possible use of the time in advance and fill it with exciting activities. if i do it Prince William (39) and Duchess Kate (40, née Kate Middleton), she shared with her son Prince George (8) Attending England’s rugby match against Wales as part of the Six Nations Championship. According to the British magazine “Hello”, there is a cute exchange of words between the royal miniature and his mother at the edge of the field. Kate told reporters that George plays rugby himself, adding, “He’s got all the equipment.” He also recently learned how to deal with his opponents. Turning to his mother, George said: “But I have not yet encountered you” – So cheeky, little guy. “Yes you have!” the Duchess replied with a laugh.

Want to see a second warm mother-son moment between Kate and George? In the video above, we show you the two in the stands.

Kate and William’s family has rugby fever

Cambridge has recently embraced the British national sport with greater enthusiasm than before – and with little competition. While Prince William has been patron of the Welsh rugby union since 2016, Duchess Kate recently took over this position for the English rugby unions from her brother-in-law Prince Harry (37). So the question arises as to which of the bands their son cheers for. George is very devoted to this question and, according to “Hello” magazine, only shrugs his shoulders, but smiles at his father. turn announced to The enthusiasm of his family rugby Looking at his wife: “It’s become a really nice thing in the house, she’s so much into it, I try to stay away from him.”

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