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Prince Harry accuses Charles’s father of being jealous of Meghan

Prince Harry accuses Charles’s father of being jealous of Meghan

However, some scathing details leaked to the public after the diary accidentally ended up in bookstores in Spain.

Harry wrote that his father “experienced this before and was not interested in it happening again,” referring to the popularity of his late mother, Princess Diana. Jealousy is also the reason why his father says he has “no money left” to financially support Harry and his wife, Meghan.

According to the newspaper “Daily Telegraph”, the prince wrote in his autobiography that before his engagement to Megan, his father asked him if the actress intended to continue working on her profession after the wedding. Then Charles said: “My dear son, you already know that we have no money left.” According to The Daily Telegraph, she secured and translated one of the Spanish versions of the book.

Harry reportedly thought his father feared Meghan had the potential to “dominate the monarchy” and become a second Diana to the public and press. Charles was also said to be jealous of the attention William and Kate were receiving, according to the prince. “Willie did whatever he (Charles) wanted and sometimes he didn’t want him to do much because my dad and Camilla didn’t like it when William and Kate got so much publicity,” the paper quoted the diary as saying. At one point, his dad’s staff made sure Kate wasn’t photographed wielding a tennis racquet at an event because “that kind of photo would have pushed Dad and Camilla off all the front pages.”