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Prince Harry is considered “irrelevant” in the United States

Prince Harry is considered “irrelevant” in the United States

Prince Harry has been living in the United States since 2020. Despite his American wife and royal background, he is not considered important in the United States.

Briefly essential

  • Prince Harry has been living in the United States for two years, ignoring England.
  • He and his wife Megan want to start media projects here.
  • Just stupid: The Queen’s grandson is considered simply “irrelevant” in his new home.

Prince Harry (37) and Megan Markle (40) required Strike America with a stormBut the shot backfired …

He visited in mid-February Queen– Cave of grandson and his cousin Princess Eugenie (31) Super Bowl In Los Angeles. The sporting event is considered the highlight of the year – everything with status and reputation is on the site.

Only: In addition to such superstars Ben Affleck (49), Jennifer Lopez (52) and “The Rock” (49), royal relatives known to be very old. Photographers think so too Station Notice. Two photos of Harry and Eugene have been circulating on social media.

Royal Expert Dr. Lillian Glass clearly shows: The missing photos of Prince Harry underscore his “incompatibility” in the United States. “In the states, Harry is not considered as important or relevant as he is In Great Britain There is. “

She believes: By Megan’s side, the prince would have caused more excitement. “It was confusing and at the same time suspicious that he took his cousin to the game, not his wife.”

Former actress Will be at the event with everyone else Celebrities Absolutely her organ. “Megan loves light,” says the expert.

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