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USA: Man bites police dog Pulse 24

USA: Man bites police dog Pulse 24

An upside-down world in America. In Delaware, a 47-year-old man was repeatedly bitten by a police dog during a traffic stop.

On Sunday night, police officers stopped a vehicle for speeding. However, the man did not stay in the car and disobeyed all orders from officers, according to Delaware State Police. The 47-year-old resisted subsequent arrest, which is why a police dog was used.

Police Dog “Mago” However, it should not have a threatening effect on the man – he continued to resist and The dog was bitten several times. After a scuffle, the man was finally handcuffed. The 47-year-old was taken to hospital with injuries to his forehead and continued to fight there, injuring a police officer. It was later revealed that the man was drunk.

The man is now in custody and facing charges Responsible for many of the crimes charged Among others, for drunken driving and assault. Police dog “Mago” was injured by the man’s bite and received medical treatment after he was dispatched.

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