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Prince Harry is ready to admit mistakes - who now stands in the way of reconciliation

Prince Harry is ready to admit mistakes – who now stands in the way of reconciliation

There is still a thick atmosphere between William, Harry and Meghan. Photo: dpa/Victoria Jones

Prince Harry is ready to admit mistakes – who now stands in the way of reconciliation

On Thursday, Prince Harry and brother William will unveil a statue in Kensington Park in honor of their mother, Lady Diana. On July 1, 2021, the Princess of Hearts was supposed to turn 60. The princes had jointly requested the statue, and Harry traveled out of town specifically to unveil the statue United States of America Refer to the Great Britain. But great reconciliation within the property family Still unexpected. Meanwhile, one of the brothers is said to be ready to get close again.

As the royal insider and author of The Battle of the Brothers, Robert Lacey, Opposite Now”NEWSWEEK“He made it clear that in fact Harry was willing to admit mistakes because of his ‘absolute temper’. But other family members seem to see it differently. Lacey is sure Meghan and William see it completely differently and don’t deviate from their own point of view. Now Lacey’s opinion said,” he said. :

“What’s interesting is that on one hand, we have William who doesn’t seem ready to admit anything, and on the other hand friends tell me Harry wouldn’t mind making the decision, and then there’s Meghan who does everything to hold her own view on issues.”

The expert believes that Megan should admit her mistakes

According to Lacey, one should already assume that it is possible for both sides to say that the past is over. But “it’s very unfortunate that Meghan hasn’t recovered so little.” The historian and author continues: “Why can’t you tell it was stress?” I was tired of this incredibly complicated system, I was pregnant, and I couldn’t sleep. “She must just admit that she overreacted in some places in this situation.

by Megan in Interview With Oprah Winfrey accusing the royal family of racist behavior, among other things, it has repeatedly made negative news headlines. She is said to have intimidated palace officials during her time in Great Britain.


Prince Charles takes action: Archie shouldn’t be called a prince

After Harry and Meghan’s revealing interview with Oprah Winfrey, the royal family’s home blessing is still pretty twisted — the feuds seem never ending. Before the unveiling of Diana’s statue at Kensington Palace’s Sunken Garden on July 1, tension was once again palpable, as so much would have to stand and fall with Meghan’s presence or absence.

Now a message about Prince Charles is causing an uproar. As Mail on Sunday reports, he’d like to…

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