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Prince Harry slanders the US Constitution: a hurricane

Prince Harry is making headlines again. In an interview, he described the first amendment to the US Constitution as “crazy”.

California (USA) – Stepped in with this text Prince Harry (36) The biggest mistake! The former state member has been living in the United States with his wife Megan (39) and son Archie (2) for several months. But there is still something wrong with American history.

Prince Harry, 36, has come under fire again. © Jeremy Selwyn / Evening via Standard BA Wire / DPA

Oops! He didn’t really think about it. As Dailymail The prince said on the podcast about the First Amendment, “I haven’t got it yet, but it’s crazy.” After a while there was a big storm on the social network.

Because the First Amendment is an important part of the country’s list of fundamental rights. It protects many fundamental freedoms, such as religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of the press or the right to assemble.

The prince publicly described the constitutional amendment as “crazy”. A scandal in the United States.

After all, the 36-year-old left his home country to seek refuge in the luxurious area of ​​the US state of California.

In fact, he previously had a good reputation among Americans. His decision, Open up about royal life with talk master Oprah Winfrey (67), Met with statements of sympathy rather than rejection.

But that suddenly changed. Thousands of users were shocked on Twitter. The ideas were clear: if he did not like America, he should go back to England.

Prince Harry with son Archie (2) and wife Megan (39).

Prince Harry with son Archie (2) and wife Megan (39). © Toby Melville / PA Wire / DPA

But above all, what was the reason for Prince Harry’s incitement against press freedom? To do this, one must first look at the environment.

Because in an interview with American actor Dox Shepard (46, “Ideocracy”), a podcast operator, he talked about his early days in California.

There he lived in the mansion of filmmaker Tyler Perry (51, “a media family funeral”) in Beverly Hills, and was shocked by the “frenzy” of the media as he called it.

Because Redhead and his family were constantly besieged by the paparazzi! They allow drones or helicopters to fly over property to get pictures of the couple.

“How can this be natural? How can this be accepted?” Harry asked the host Shepherd.

He then referred to the First Amendment, ie freedom of the press, and stressed that there were limits to legal action.

Harry replied that he did not want to go to the First Amendment because he “did not understand” because it was a big topic. Also: “You can find a hole in anything.”

Until the sentence came he went a little bit about this amendment: “I have a lot to say about the First Amendment, I haven’t got it yet, but it’s crazy.”

Precisely this statement is now being torn down by the media. Has Harry made a mistake with the Americans now?

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