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Prince Harry wants to enforce UK police protection in court

Prince Harry wants to enforce UK police protection in court

Prince Harry He wants to get the court to give him police protection when he visits the UK. The Duke of Sussex is calling for a judicial review of a government decision in London, the British news agency “PA” reported, Sunday. So the Home Office refused to provide police officers for Harry’s security, even though the prince wanted to pay for the operation himself.

“The UK will always be the home of Prince Harry,” said a statement from Harry’s lawyer. He wishes his wife and children are safe in Great Britain. However, without police protection, the family would take a “very great personal risk” when visiting Great Britain.

The paparazzi chased her

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan retired from their royal duties in April 2020 and now live in the United States with their two young children. On a visit to the UK last summer, paparazzi followed Harry’s car as he left a charity event in London. The next day, he and his older brother William unveiled a statue of their mother Diana, who died while fleeing the paparazzi in Paris in 1997, in the garden of Kensington Palace.

In their statement, Harry’s lawyers noted that Harry’s family has also faced “well-documented threats from neo-Nazis and extremists” in recent years.

A British government spokesman declined to comment on the case. Protection for celebrities in the UK is good and “proportionate”. Detailed information on this cannot be provided because it “can affect the safety of individuals”.

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