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Prince Philip (99): His last wish was for Prince Charles

Prince Philip (99): His last wish was for Prince Charles

For a long time, the relationship between Prince Philip and Prince Charles was extremely strained. But in Phillips’ final days, father and son have become very close.

That was Friday, April 9th Prinze Philip (99) In the presence of his wife Queen Elizabeth II. (94) So is his son Prinze Charles (72) He slept peacefully at Windsor Castle. It was also his will, in his home and in him Attending his family To say goodbye.

In the video above, you can see Charles touching the words after his father’s death.

But his last wish, which should survive his death, was addressed to his son, as author Robert Jobson now reveals aloud “”. For a long time, the relationship between Prince Philip and Prince Charles was considered extremely difficult. But in the last days of life, the two men must be closer than ever.

Son says goodbye to his father. In the video below, we show you pictures of Prince Charles taken a few hours after Philip’s death.

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Prince Philip to his son Charles: Now you have to take command!

A few weeks ago, the Duke of Edinburgh learned during his hospital stay that his life was coming to an end. Charles was the only family member in the British KingsWho was allowed to visit him beside the bed. After years of feuding there was an emotional rapprochement between father and son.

Prince Charles must now take care of the Queen

In a touching conversation, Philip discussed with Charles how his son should lead the royal family through the years to come. Moving in particular is his last wish for Charles to take care of the Queen when he’s not there. Philip was her loyal companion for more than seven decades. The Queen once said of her husband that he was her husband ‘Force’ and ‘suspension’ In your life. Now Charles has to continue this legacy in the spirit of his father.

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Prinz Philip, Queen Elizabeth II, Brienz Charles
Brenz Phillip (99)
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles were by his side when he passed away

His beloved family was his greatest support. Prince Phillips was an emotional and peaceful bidding farewell to his wife, Queen Elizabeth II and son, Prince Charles.

Prince Philip and Prince Charles: Reconciling the Difficult Father-Son Relationship

It’s no secret that Philip and Charles lived a life of controversy – publicly and privately. The relationship has been tense since childhood. Philip wanted to prevent his son from being pampered and preferred the strict upbringing that little Charles suffered so much. Even later, the two men did not always agree on their political and economic views. It was even said that there was a time when messages were the only means of communication between them.

The rapprochement between father and son in the last days of the Duke of Edinburgh’s life was even more touching. “They have both matured,” a palace source said. “In recent years they have accepted each other’s point of view a lot more. They have always loved each other – that was never the question. But there was a deeper respect and it grew.”

In the video below, the Queen and we lament the loss of her late husband, Prince Philip.

The Queen mourns her beloved husband

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