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Prince William's collar exploded

Prince William’s collar exploded

Londoners times It was reported that in 2018, shortly after the couple’s wedding, a complaint was filed against them inside the palace Megan He made the rounds to bully. Accordingly, among other things, the former American actress’s personal assistants are said to have been dumped Megan We built. There was talk of humiliation and tears. This emanates from internal minors emails that were leaked to the paper. what exactly Megan Accused, but remained unclear.

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Megans Lawyers described the allegations in a letter to times as a “calculated smear campaign based on misleading and harmful information”. “Megan She is heartbroken by the recent assault on her person, particularly as someone who has been a victim of bullying and is fully committed to helping those who have experienced pain and trauma.” Megans And Harry.

Harry and Megan They turned their backs on the royal family at the beginning of last year and announced that they would become financially independent. Together with her now two-year-old son archery They moved the center of their lives first to Canada, and then to the United States. A decision they didn’t want to back down either, as confirmed in the spring. Now they are parents for the second time – their daughter Lillipet was born in early June.

According to Lacy, William believed at the time that Meghan had an “agenda” and was “undermining some valuable principles of the monarchy,” says the new book. Additionally, William was reportedly concerned that Meghan “appears to be stealing his beloved brother”. However, Prince Harry was “equally angry” because his brother was more inclined to believe his co-workers than his family. He defended his wife while William felt betrayed. William was even said to have blew his collar off: the ensuing controversies were described as “wild and bitter”. “He considered it his duty to take care of Harry, but that was when protection had to,” Lacey wrote.

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It remains to be seen if Harry’s daughter Lily can be reunited with the family – as previously expected. On the surface at least, it appears Harry still has a lot to sort out with the rest of the royal family.

The Battle of the Brothers: William, Harry and the Inside Story of a Family in Tommolt Robert Lacey is out June 24th.