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Princess Kate hopes to return to service “soon.”

Princess Kate hopes to return to service “soon.”

Kate has not attended any public appointments since the beginning of the year. She underwent abdominal surgery and later reported that she had cancer.

princess Kate She wrote a letter to the Irish Guards apologizing for missing training for a major military parade due to her cancer. On Saturday, rehearsals were held in London for the Trooping the Color Christmas show, which will be held next weekend.

Kate She was actually going to participate in the rehearsal (“Colonel's Review”) as she held the honorary title of “Colonel of the Irish Guards”.

Kate: I hope to represent the Irish Guards again soon

In a message she said how proud she was of the entire regiment and wished them good luck. “Please convey my apologies to the entire regiment,” the message read. “I hope I can represent you all again soon.”

Kate He has not attended any public appointments since the beginning of the year. She had undergone abdominal surgery, and later announced that she had cancer, and that she was receiving chemotherapy as a precaution. Kate Request privacy at that time. Her absence initially sparked a lot of speculation. It is not known when she will return.

Confusion over Kate's involvement

The army caused confusion in March when it announced on a website that… Kate A rehearsal for the show will be held this year. He later deleted the entry again. The sample was taken on Saturday by the team James Bucknall. About 1,200 soldiers and more than 200 horses were deployed.

also Kate father in law, King Charles IIIHe is currently being treated for cancer. But he appeared in public again for a long time. Charles is also scheduled to attend the Trooping the Color birthday show next week. Charles's birthday won't be until November, but the parade in honor of the King is traditionally held in June due to better weather.

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