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Princess Kate, who suffers from cancer, apologizes for her absence from “The Colonel’s Parade”

Princess Kate, who suffers from cancer, apologizes for her absence from “The Colonel’s Parade”

British King Charles III He will be performing in the Trooping the Color Christmas show on June 15. The German News Agency in London recently learned of this from palace circles. Therefore, the king, who suffers from cancer, will not lead the procession of his guards on horseback as usual, but together. Queen Camilla Sitting in a cart. However, the woman with cancer also does not plan to return to the public at the moment princess Kate is expected.

According to the palace, the rehearsal of the “Colonel's Parade”, which will be held a week before the Christmas parade, will be conducted by Lieutenant Colonel General James Bucknall It is removed. The British media indicated that this mission was indeed Kate As “Supreme Colonel Irish guards“He would have fallen.

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According to the Irish Guard, Kate has now apologized for her absence. In one overTwitter previously) The joint letter states that the Princess is “proud of the entire regiment.” They “appreciate that everyone participating this year” has “trained for months and invested many hours” in advance. “It is a great honor to be your Colonel and I am very sorry that I will not be able to say hello at this year's Colonel's Review. Please apologize to the entire regiment, but I hope to be able to represent you all again soon.” Kate said: “Please send my best wishes We wish good luck to all participants.” The princess signed the letter “Colonel Catherine.”

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William: Kate is doing better

Heir to the British throne prince William According to British media reports, he spoke about his wife Kate's health at a ceremony commemorating D-Day this week. When asked if she felt better, she replied William So a clear “yes”, as reported by the Palestinian News Agency, among other things. The statement came through a video clip… William Talking to an old man in a wheelchair.

William On Wednesday, he participated with his father, King Charles, and Queen Camilla, in commemorations of the 80th anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy. She added that Kate had hoped to be present at this event in the coastal city of Portsmouth William He added.

Catherine, as her real name is, announced to the public in a very personal video message at the end of last March that she had been diagnosed with cancer after undergoing major abdominal surgery last January. Since then, she has been undergoing preventive chemotherapy. She hasn't been seen in public for months. Unlike the king himself Kate She completely withdrew from her duties as royal. When she will return is uncertain.