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Priorities in the United States – Does Trumpism Eat Donald Trump? – News


May is like the month of truth for the political brilliance of Donald Trump. Paradoxically, in the US state of Georgia, he seems to have lost his way.

This is one of the regular events that Donald Trump does on trend through American primaries. In a car race in the small town of Commerce in the northeastern Georgia, Trump wants to give his decisive impetus to his candidacy for governor of this southern state: “You will choose a wonderful friend of mine. A great man, a great senator. David Bertou is your governor. . ”


The main tournament will take place on May 24 in Georgia. An important day for former President Trump – he is campaigning in primaries for David Burdock and looking forward to a political comeback.

The main stone

In Georgia, Trump lost the presidency, while the Republican Senate lost its majority. It further crushes: “We must first defeat these rhinos (Republicans in name only). Unlike these losers, David Burdock will never surrender to the radical far-left. With your vote we will save Georgia from the Rhino.

Trumpism won more than Trump

Trumpism has always dominated Republican internal struggles, including in close primary elections in the main swing state of Pennsylvania. But not always Donald Trump’s candidate.

The New York Times has gone so far as to write that “distrust of the power of the Republican electorate, coupled with the hunger for relentless austerity politics, worked against Trump.” The brilliance of Trump’s policies seems unbroken, while Donald Trump seems less secure than those around him would want to say. The so-called “Make America Great Again” movement is a grassroots movement, “quoted the New York Times Republican strategist Ken Spain as saying,” it’s not something that can be dictated from top to bottom.

Trump’s mixed record

Trump’s approval of a candidate is even more important. In Ohio, for example, best-selling author JD Vance won the primary victory in the Republican Senate thanks to Donald Trump. In North Carolina, Trump’s support for the Dead Pat is significant. In leading Georgia this week, Trump’s support defended former college football star Herschel Walker from politically experienced opponents.

But above all, in the fight between Brian Kemp and David Berdu, who is personally very important to Trump, Berdu, who had Trump’s support, seems to have failed. He is far behind in opinion polls, and even staunch Trump supporters are skeptical of this strategy.

David Bertie


Trump backs 73-year-old former U.S. Senator David Bertou – he wants revenge on former President Governor Brian Kembe.

The main stone

Bertou’s vain call

Trump’s candidate David Bertou joins Scott Reinhold’s radio show. He defends himself against the accusation of a lie that has been lying for a long time Stolen Presidential Election 2020 Prove that boomerang.

But Reinhold, who describes himself as a conservative, sees this as Berdo’s problem: “Trump’s support for Berdu is more about himself than the party. The election result was not annulled, but meant that Biden certified the election victory.

There is no doubt about it: Reinhold is a “Mac America Great Again” conservative. But he doubts Donald Trump’s strategy: “I think there are a lot of Americans like me: this argument about this election, this argument about this, we do not want to hear it anymore.” As for Trump, that is not the message he wants to hear from Georgia.

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